E train

E train

Art work: “E train”

Author: Erëmira Çitaku 

Year: 2010

Genre: Live-performance and video-animation 

The art work “E train” by artist and flutist Erëmira Çitaku is a video-performace with flute and accordion. Its concept consists of a projected animation video by Skender Krasniqi inspired by the poetry of the main artist Çitaku, and a live performance with two music instruments (flute and accordion). During the live performance Zein El-Abdin Fouad does the live interpretation of the author’s poetry. Another version of this art work, which is included in the book  “Shoshë” is accompanied by Avni Krasniqi’s music with Meriton Ferizi playing on bassoon and accordion as well as the poetry interpretation by Bujar Berisha. 

This art work is best accessible through all its aspects: visual, musical, and poetical. The black and white animation, which is mainly two-dimensional, begins with a big and heavy object on which a four-legs creature crawls and then passes it. This can be put in analogy with the poetry words saying: “Don’t kill what is born to live!”. 

The represented creature visualizes its war for life and its survival. After this, we see a train with passengers and the creature behind it, almost following it. In the context of the poetry, the creature is following the train of its life. The four-legs creature is challenged while wanting to catch the train of its life. It, for example, uses its horns to crash a tree, which symbolizes an obstacle. Then, during the entire animation, this creature passes through various challenges, rushing toward one or the other side, and being sometimes a white and sometimes a black creature. The animation ends by dissolving, respectively deconstructing the creature in the viewer’s direction. This makes the viewer feel personally involved in the life and challenges of this creature. Its problems automatically become a reflection of the viewer’s problems. They stand as a mirror of the problems that life brings.

© Dr. Penesta Dika 2010

This video- performance was presented in these venues: 

  • 8.03.2010 Belgium – Louven- Lemmens Institute 
  • 1.03.2011 Kosova- Center for Contemporary Art- Stacion
  • 23.09.2011 Germany Leipzig- Theatre – “Lofft” Leipzig v  24.09.2011 Germany Dresden-  Societaets Theater 
  • 04.12.2012 France – Paris- Theatre “Le Palace” Paris

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