Art work: “Sh…sh…sh…sh”

Author: Erëmira Çitaku 

Year: 2010

Genre :Video Performance

The artist Erëmira Çitaku brings us always wonderful surprises. This time she wrote a lullaby aiming to deconstruct a tradition of gender injustice and clearly separated powers throughout our history. We often heard lullabies which where sang to boys to become brave and good warriors, but we very rarely heard a lullaby sang to a girl to become strong or a queen. Not that we had very few, but we remembered and we still remember very few of them.

If we would have sang more to our girls, we would have had more histories for women than only for men (HIStories).

MSc Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa

This video- performance was presented in these venues:  v 8.03.2010 Belgium – Louven- Lemmens Institute 

  • 1.03.2011 Kosova- Center for Contemporary Art- Stacion
  • 23.09.2011 Germany Leipzig- Theatre – “Lofft” Leipzig v  24.09.2011 Germany Dresden-  Societaets Theater 
  • 04.12.2012 France – Paris- Theatre “Le Palace” Paris

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