Art work: “Iracionalizma”

Author : Erëmira Çitaku 

Year: 2010

Genre: Video Performance

Iracionalizma is a poetry from the mind for the mind, which becomes alive and touchable only when it is emotionally wrapped by the music, two voices that interpret it, and the film. This converts it into an art work.

This art work’s dynamics develops itself in the zone where the rational meets the irrational, the free will meets the imposed one, and the approach meets the flight. This zone seems to be like a neutral zone between two state borders – Madness, Abnormality, Exploration, on one side, and Control, Daily Life, and the Ordinary, on the other side. Here, we begin losing control over our mind and our behavior. This zone is full of streams, fear, doubt and anxiety. We have all been there, and we still pass by this zone in our lives. But, we insist on avoiding, not only this zone, but even the conversations about it, because that is the only way for the others to love us, and as a result, for us to love ourselves. Developed between two almost magnetic fields, in this art work’s zone, one is drawn by the family warmth, the everyday life, and common things, on one side, and on the other side, by exploration, achievement, and coldness of an individualistic competitive city like Paris.

This art work makes you question your definition of normal and abnormal. It makes you smile and feel the sweetness of the child, whom you would call insane if he was a bit older; it makes you think about the fear that is provoked by the categories normal and abnormal, no matter in which side you feel you are. 

A fearful fear, as Çitaku names it in her poetry, is the fear of the normal afraid of being close to the abnormal, there where the in-between zone is – the neutral zone. In this context, the human mind is simultaneously a blessing and a curse for the human being. The main value of this art work is thus psychological. It provokes us and calls us for a conversation about the fear from madness, fear from our pure impulses, and fear from death caused by the fear from life. Iracionalizma talks about the detachment from our pure and often creative impulses, about the fear in our minds which we – the society – create by enforcing values and anti-values, and by imposing written and mostly unwritten rules; Iracionalizma calls us to talk about them.

 Emine Vala

This video- performance was presented in these venues: 

  • 8.03.2010 Belgium – Louven- Lemmens Institute 
  • 1.03.2011 Kosova- Center for Contemporary Art- Stacion
  • 23.09.2011 Germany Leipzig- Theatre – “Lofft” Leipzig v  24.09.2011 Germany Dresden-  Societaets Theater 
  • 04.12.2012 France – Paris- Theatre “Le Palace” Paris

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